Nearly everyone has insights. Some people journal theirs, some share them publicly via blogs, OpEds, articles, or books. The vast majority of my insights take form graphically, because I can convey a great deal of information using a graphic interface. This particular form of communication is intended to be suggestive of the overall context, demonstrating relationships and implications that words alone cannot. Because this media is suggestive, rather than exhaustive, some viewers may become frustrated because a high level of interactivity with the materials is required in order to grasp the implications and detail.

The hundreds of insight maps presented here are the product of several decades of consideration and reflection. Many have been developed for specific clients, purposes, or occasions. Some are duplicated because the insights have evolved or may be applicable in more than one context. For that reason, thumbnails of the maps can be viewed in a graphic index at

Each Insight Map is suggestive of one or more concepts that are categorized at In turn, each of those concepts are given fuller treatment within the Modern Mythopedia. Many of those concepts are explored more deeply at corresponding websites.

Many of the included insights are the result of reading and reflection that arises from a particular form of form of inner reflection, called Soul Solitude. Soul Solitude is an approach to expanding consciousness through a process of attention within the context of acceptance, gratitude, trust, and surrender. I endorse and recommend this process without equivocation, and recommend the book and practice highly, as a daily routine.

The point of the Insight Maps is to demonstrate the merits of a ThoughtWise method for dealing with important matters. Many people do not enter deeply into thought or detail in the formation of their opinons. They mistakenly fail to grasp that this approach is fundamentally different. I lay out the framework for my basic intellectual agenda completely, so that others can know where I stand or where I am coming from in regard to my positions. I challenge others to do the same.

In my opinion, there is no substitute for serioiusly thinking about life, the world, my self, and the nature of being human. Everyone is entitled to disagree with my insights and dispute my conclusions. However, I believe it is reasonable to expect the recognition that my thoughts are not merely cobbled together at the last second, as is so often the case with others. When it comes to insight, I hope that others will demonstrate a similar scope, depth, and detail.

G. Charles Andersen, M.A.

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